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Wedding Photographer

A Little Bit About Me

Mother of 4 beautiful kids, sister to 7 crazy siblings! Life for me is never boring. I don’t do well sitting still, so I rarely find myself with nothing to do! As a photographer, my passion is in capturing the wedding day!  Getting to know a couple from the engagement session to the end of their day is an amazing experience. The hustle and bustle, the timelines, details and anticipation, fit me to a tee!  Busy stressful day…. bring it on! On the flip side, I love the outdoors, being near the water, going for walks, reading, patios and spending time with my family. My favorite season is fall, which naturally leads to Christmas! Truly the best time of the year! My goal, to simply maintain happiness in life! (and maybe a little organization too!) Working with couples on one of the most important days of their lives definitely helps maintain this happiness.  What more could I ask for but to have a job that I love!

-Sherri M

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